One of the most difficult things to do when getting a divorce is to sell the family home. This is a challenge for many different reasons. It is almost always a challenge to sell your home with all the legal and emotional aspects to be worked through. However when you are going through a divorce, these challenges are magnified and new ones often pop up. This is particularly true when for one reason or another your ex-spouse attempts to sabotage the home sale.

Many times during a divorce an ex-spouse will try to hold up the sale of the house because they are emotionally attached to the house, angry with you, resentful, just disappointed or they just don’t want to move. The result of this sabotage attempt can be a delay in listing, selling or closing the sale; a loss of funds or an increase in expenses and other stress causing events.

If your ex-spouse is staying in the home and refuses to leave to allow for showings and open houses; if they refuse to keep the house in presentable condition; or if they refuse to sign the real estate agreements – you really need a team that is experienced in working with clients who are getting a divorce.

This situation is one of the primary reasons that you need a great divorce attorney and a great divorce Realtor. You probably need a tax consultant and some others on your team, but your attorney and Realtor are the most important in respect to communication on this issue. These two professionals can help to prevent problems before they start.

You might agree that you need a divorce lawyer and a good real estate agent, but do you really need a Realtor who is experienced in working with divorce? The answer is yes and let us show you why. When your ex-spouse attempts to sabotage the sale of your home, your Realtor not only needs good communication and mediation skills, they also need to know how to assist your attorney if the court needs to intervene.

Your Realtors first line of defense should always be communication.  Remember you hired a Realtor that you both felt would not take sides.  They may be able to communicate with your ex in ways that you can’t.  They should be able to show any sabotaging spouse that the action, or lack of action, they are taking is not in their best interest and why.  Through communication resolution is possible.

Sometimes a spouse will try to sabotage the sale, because they feel they are not getting a fair deal.  Usually this means that they don’t feel heard or considered in everything that is happening.  They may feel a serious loss of control and they think this is one way to take control back.  Mediation skills really come in handy here.  Your Realtor should know how to listen.  They should be able to mediate between you both so that you each get as much as possible out of this transaction.

And finally, it is important that your team work together.  If all else fails, your Realtor can assist your attorney in creating and presenting a package to the court that clearly demonstrates the issues so that the court can rule with a favorable outcome.