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Let me start by saying I’m so sorry for what you’re going through right now.  If you’re on this blog you are looking for some help and support.  Hopefully I can help you in my small way.  Listen no one can give you all the answers, or even the right answers for you.  The fact that you are researching right now, will put you in a better place than most.  Making educated decisions during an emotional upheaval is difficult, but obviously you are doing it!

We have covered a lot of subjects that hopefully will be the help and support you are looking for.  However, if we haven’t covered a subject yet that you need now, just let us know.  Or if you have a unique situation and you’d like to talk about it.  I do try to make myself available to anyone who needs my help.  Just call or email me.

Throughout this blog, one of my most clear messages will be put together a team of experts to carry some of the burden of the decisions you will have to make now or very soon.  Obviously, you will need legal counsel.  You may also need a tax professional, CPA, Realtor, Lender, and maybe even a therapist.

Finally, I am a Realtor so all information I offer is limited to real estate during a divorce.  Some topics however do cross over and perhaps will give you some new ideas to discuss with other members of your team.

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